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We now deliver
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We test the demand for the lighting and technical products most commonly purchased by consumers in our own stores and supply them to our biggest partners. Our product range is constantly updated with the best-selling products, which is why we are increasingly being entrusted with the supply of more and more products by well-known chain stores.

Our products continuously become hit products on the shelves of various supermarket chains.

How do we achieve this?

We always base our sales process on our own market research. We tailor our product portfolio to the needs of the buying public, so that we minimize the risk.

At the same time, we also identify the expected reception. We share the results of the survey with our Partners and then, according to a jointly developed strategy, we launch our products on international markets, usually exceeding sales targets.

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The secret of our top products' success

Many brands are trying to meet the broadest mass demand:

"How do we fill this demand vacuum?"

“Hogyan töltsük be ezt a keresleti vákuumot?”

After several years of research, we have found the perfect answer to our burning question in those brands that provide the mass of consumers with an innovative and expanding product range on the shelves of supermarket chains.

Over the past 11 years, we have become the exclusive supplier of brands that many international chains are now unwilling to give up. Our products are the best-selling products in their category, so we can be proud of our Partners' growing turnover numbers.

This is why, as an exclusive international distributor, we supply an increasing volume of our selected range to Europe's largest supermarket chains.

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