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The ARMIN team

The team of Armin Trade Ltd. has been serving the needs of its customers since 2008, both on the reseller and end-user side. The team of 100 people has many years of experience in managing and operating distribution networks and has excellent expertise in both export and domestic wholesale distribution.

The Armin team has decades of professional experience in the field of trade. As a professional distributor, we sell many brands in Hungary, and our sales network has been a market leader for years, thanks to our competitive pricing and high service standards.

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Our commitment

Our team is working enthusiastically to meet all of our partners' demands. Our strength is quick and efficient communication, both with our partners and with the supermarket chains. Our IT system allows us to complete tasks rapidly, so we are efficient in terms of logistics, order processing and delivery. We also have a product development and marketing department to help finding the best products and the best way to present them to our customers. We are constantly adding new and more modern products to our assortment, which you can now see not only on the shelves of shops, but also on posters and TV commercials.

The team

Our mission is to deliver useful, high-quality products to Your End Users, and to provide them with all the product support they require, so that they, as satisfied Customers, will want to buy again from the products we sell. We are constantly developing and expanding our team with new, enthusiastic colleagues.

We look for the best solution to every challenge we face, and to do this, we look for individuals to join our team, to help us look at our options from different angles and come up with different suggestions for the next step. Milestones Our company works every day to market products for the widest range of applications. Our range includes a number of internationally proven products and brands. Our aim is to offer quality at a reasonable price, both through our own distributed and through our own brand products.

Company management

Kovács Sándor


A proud father of 3, I am a hard-working business owner. Just like Armin Trade, I am growing and learning every day. To successfully run the company, I use the experience I have gained over the years in many different areas and countries. Between 1994-1999 I studied at the University of Debrecen, then between 1999-2001, I continued my studies at the DEA, Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse, France, and in 2001 I travelled to Japan, where I lived for 7 years in the city of Tokyo. I returned to Hungary in 2008, when I founded Armin Trade Kft.


Herbák Zoltán



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Our departments

Armin Trade's success is based on close cooperation and constant communication between our departments and managers. Our teams take on challenges with responsibility and confidence, so that we can provide the best service through our activities and ideas



Barabás Éva

Sales Support Manager


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Kiss Csaba

Warehouse manager


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