As a professional distributor, we sell a large number of brands in Hungary and our sales network has been a market leader for years, thanks to our competitive pricing and high service standards.

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Armin Trade Ltd. currently has a nationwide network of regional representatives and boasts more than 5500 customers in Hungary alone.

Our sales system is managed by 18 field representatives, which includes liaising with existing and new partners, developing territories, providing the expected merchandising, innovative product development and introducing personalized promotions.

Our representatives are supported by our area managers and central sales staff, who also help to grow the company's market share. Professional service offered to partners and multinational companies is provided by our Key Account Managers.

Thanks to an ever-growing and satisfied customer base, we have experienced a dynamic development and since 2010 we have been receiving continuous requests from manufacturing companies to manage and launch their new products. As a result of this inspiring development, Armin Trade Ltd. has become the market leader on the Hungarian independent market in 7 years and has now reached 100% coverage, thus strengthening its market share in Hungary.



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Our mission is to deliver useful, high-quality products to Your End Users, and to provide them with all the product support they require, so that they, as satisfied Customers, will want to buy again from the products we sell. We are constantly developing and expanding our team with new, enthusiastic colleagues.

We look for the best solution to every challenge we face, and to do this, we look for individuals to join our team, to help us look at our options from different angles and come up with different suggestions for the next step. Milestones Our company works every day to market products for the widest range of applications. Our range includes a number of internationally proven products and brands. Our aim is to offer quality at a reasonable price, both through our own distributed and through our own brand products.


Our assortment includes several internationally well-proven products and brands. Our goal is to be able to provide quality at a favorable price through both our distributed and our own brand products.

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